If you have created a good product or service and you can see that the customers love it, it is time to introduce your new product or service to market. But what if you want to introduce their products around the world and to go beyond Lithuania? …

Would you like to introduce your new product to market effectively and without the risk of “burn” all the available marketing budget? Nowadays, anyone can bring down the price, discount adapt, publish campaign or to order advertising. But is this new product guarantees success? …

  • we evaluate your product or service and your own preparation for the introduction of market news
  • help out the missing homework
  • purify news positioning strategy
  • we prepare for market introduction of the Action Plan and will always be close to its implementation!



there can not be a specialist in all areas, so communication and assistance in the field of marketing has been significant. “Marketologai” very quickly looked into the idea of a new and passionate about the job. Lithuania is not so easy to find a good marketing specialists. I think that the most benefit from Marketologų ‘received the company, which is looking for new ideas.

Darius Klevinskas

I liked the agility and timing. “Marketologai helped to understand what is needed and what is not necessary marketing strategy. Once prepared the plan, it became very clear, step-by-step travel forward in promoting the newly established company.

Vytautas Bružas