I’m neither a designer nor a technologist, but I can help you create the products and services that customers want and will look for themselves!

If you want to offer something interesting on the market, it all starts with the exceptional value of the withdrawal of the proposal. So forget for a short manufacturing processes, drawings, or the organization of probelms. If you want to create a service or product, the market just Geist, will start on the user’s knowledge.

  • cash out your target customer segment
  • figure out what activities he must perform, problems faced and the additional benefits want
  • with all of this in a real market check
  • exactly knowing your customers’ needs, we will develop a proposal which would be difficult to refuse/em>
  • we mentor and advise the technical realization of the product or service development solutions.


smagu kepti

Consultations with Donatas extremely helpful in shaping the new product sales strategy and how to properly deliver the product to customers. We received good advice and insights that help to further develop the business. Definitely I recommend these specialists and others.


Thinking company, so the project will be more complex and mentation and searches at the results, I think, more surprising. I would say, “Marketologai perfectly suited to serve medium-sized enterprises, which need” something “that persilaužtų and grow further.