Golden true – we create the most value for those companies that wait until KOG who will bring a decision on the saucer. US and Western Europe is used for innovative business marketing methodology adapted in such a way that it is most in line with Lithuanian business needs. The most common case, the entire marketing system building stages, we organize 2-3 hours. duration of working sessions, after which shared what any “homework” will play until the next time.

If you are an “angel investor” (“The English investor), or is currently not available operating resources, we can help you almost turnkey and compete with all the associated processes. “Almost” because (always speak the truth) of your business better than anyone else you know. And if it happens accidentally, then it should be thought-provoking, or devote enough time and energy to their businesses develop.

If you are a beginner entrepreneur or even a student who has a business idea that strongly believe I can help you – draw up a practical program of workshops with additional individual consultations remotely.