You have a business idea, but still not quite sure how best to realize it? Or maybe you have an invention, a new product or service and want to enter the market, but do not know which and how?

We had to assess more than 50 different business opportunities in 11 countries. I can safely say that go into a new market without examining it – stupid! However, we also have to admit that textbooks describe the test methodology is not always justified, or is possible, depending on the funds to be imposed even in the old market operating companies.

  • we assess your situation and advise you what the market and marketing research you would most targeted
  • if you decide your business feasibility studies themselves, we will be happy to advise you on how to do this as efficiently as possible
  • at your request, we will completeness of the required feasibility study and will provide structured information with insights and conclusions that will help you make important decisions



It did not like the fact that the work was done quickly, accurately and on time, according to the contractual terms with our minimal intervention. It was a useful independent approach to ourselves / our company in the country, as well as an approach to future plans. Granted or new ideas or confirmed what had been planned. “Marketologus” to describe how a company with which you can quickly and effectively do the job, investing the maximum little of their time and getting a good result. This company really be called a partner.

Gintaras Mackevičius

Radio-controlled models – are the core of our brand. “Marketologai” examined both Lithuanian and Latvian market, providing strategic guidance and developed a marketing plan. With Marketologų ‘aid have found an effective and economical means of advertising, pasikėlėme site’s ranking in Google. Communicate with the team has been very easy and convenient, both by phone and e-mail. They know their area are attentive to the customer and contractual works performed expeditiously. In addition, nebrangininkai!

Asta Doveikienė