You have entered a new product or service to market, there appears to have worked well, now is the time to expand your business scope? Would you like to “skim the cream with” as competitors have not yet started your copy?

  • assess the growth potential of your business
  • we raised and together with you to check the hypotheses of Business Development
  • we will create an effective marketing plan for your business development
  • all of which will help to implement and manage



We thought that only the capital of Lithuania is a marketing specialist. However, Donatas talked to, we realized mistaken. His team of real professionals. After six years of working together, we have an excellent marketing actions and measures in the plan, we know where we are and where we go. Now we try to implement the plan … and, I dare say, we’re lucky.

Arūnas Vaišvila

In particular, we liked the fact that it is listened to on the client, trying to understand its needs and the proposals that simultaneously meets the customer’s ability and at the same time is challenging, encouraging clients grow and improve. Communication is immediate, sincere and simple – it helps to create an atmosphere of trust. It helped to look at their activities in the country and also the eyes of consumers. Team of experienced and understands his work and presenting proposals that meet customer needs.

Audrius Šimaitis