The investor will take you by the hand, but will do so that your business idea to look really noteworthy. So, would you like that after your project, or perhaps only on presentation of a preliminary description of the potential investors will tell you, “fun” and called for negotiations?

Bottled water while talking on the merits. If your project something is not clear, the obscure and return, and have done their homework and everything išsisaiškinsime. We will help you in your business idea presented in a way that is clear to investors that:

  • you have a competitive advantage and a proposal for the target market
  • market size clearly measured and estimated earnings potential
  • it has strong evidence that the target customers are ready and willing to buy your products or services
  • You’re ready to sell everything
  • we have all the necessary resources and, if necessary, even financial resources to get by without investutojo help!

I had to contribute to the business development projects not only in the Baltic countries, but also in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, China and even in Mauritania!

Whether you expect to attract investments within the circle of acquaintances, venture capital (venture capital) or crowd funding (croud Funding “) to help you properly introduce your business idea.