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Pyrolysis power plant: waste to energy project

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Donetsk, Antwerp 2008 – 2010 m.

Task: diversify business risk – reinvestment of profits into alternative energy.

Result: plant construction sign letters of intent with two urban municipalities in Ukraine.

Energy recovery from municipal waste is chosen, as perfectly in line with the public and business interests. This project offered two public scale Lithuania topical problems: waste disposal and energy production from local “resource”. Disposable, although huge, project development made it possible to expect a guaranteed cash flow and profit the next 20-30 years.

Specifics of the project – a public private partnership (PPP). The investor who wants to produce energy from waste, it is not enough to build a power plant. It is necessary to find a reasonable place in the public power plant, securing long-term waste stream and leverage the power purchasing tariff, overcoming endless bureaucratic formalities. The company where I worked, than to waste energy than anything had not been prepared the joint project with no state or individual municipalities. In a word, it was a complete novice in this field. Marketing terms of refinement was still in the fact that the project had to be useful to society, but the main stages of the decision on the project had to take bureaucrats, each guided by their perception of the public good, rather than the usual business or consumerist logic.

We chose technology from nearly 20 alternatives. I checked it with the help of Lithuanian Energy Institute scientists. Technology has secured the efficiency of the legal and financial instruments. We have created a truly unique proposal that serves the public interest. By the way, as it turned out after the first interview with the representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, our proposal drawn up even appeared too good to be true! Selected technology has allowed not only did not love, but still reduce the price of municipal waste disposal, if the electricity produced is purchased at the same incentive rate, which was in force at the time (0.3 EUR / kWh).

Pyrolysis plant was included in the Siauliai district’s strategic development plan, a specific place for its construction. Ukraine on the construction of these plants represented company signed a letter of intent with Donetsk and Dniprodzeržinsko municipalities. The competition “European Business Awards” project was nominated for a best Lithuanian business project. Europe’s energy from waste producers Confederation (CEWEP) personally invited to the International Congress on behalf of the present situation in Lithuania.

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