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Development of logistics companies in China

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Logistika Kinijoje

Shanghai, Hong Kong, 2006 – 2007 m.

Task: stand out from the competition and take place in the Lithuanian market.

Result: the first capital of Lithuanian logistics company with a branch in China.

As a new logistics company to enter the market in which the competition is so high? Of course, to suggest what the competitors do not offer! One of the most promising alternative at the time was the development of activities in China. The country’s export growth – fantastic, and Lithuania, and imports from China increased.

Conducting market analysis. Is it really worth to go to the Chinese market? What does this company provide? How much can you earn there? If the prospect of really attractive, where and how to set up branch? What he set goals and tasks? How much would it work in people? How much initial investment would lead to?

We gathered secondary data and conducted “reconnaissance on the spot.” I visited Shanghai, Suzhou, Čingdau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. I met with local shippers, stevedoring and transport companies, lawyers, government agencies, real estate agents, recruitment companies, etc. We have received information from first-hand about economic trends, industry development, labor cost, logistics companies local specifics, foreign investment promotion and entry and exit barriers, legal and operational aspects, etc. After delivery of the inquiry report, the company board approved the recommendations to establish a branch in Shanghai. Already in 2006. the company had a branch in Shanghai and Lithuania on the market introduced a new package: manufacturers the reliability assessment of the trade-spot verification of consignment, time control, and, of course, the logistics of door-to-door.

In China in 2007. I came back already with the Minister’s delegation. We were the only Lithuanian capital logistics company with a branch in China. We shared the delegation during the successful experience with Chinese entrepreneurs. Čingdau number of cities Notices Service Quality Developement in freight forwarding business (service quality development freight forwarding business), which presented the basic criteria and practices as the company uses the logistics partners to supply goods from China. Hong Kong took part in a round table discussion on the Lithuanian side was represented by JSC “Lithuanian Railways and Klaipeda Seaport Authority, Lithuanian Freight Forwarders Association Lineka, Lithuanian carriers association Linava, Lithuania and Shipping Agents Association. I was the only representative of a private company in garbioje discussion!

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