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Flights to Mauritania

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skrydziai i Mauritanija

Nouakchott, Nouadhibou (Mauritania), 2005 – 2006 m.

Task: develop a charter flight operations, if possible.

Result: the company has established itself a niche and took the leading position.

Sailors transport charter flights from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad region in the fishing zones of Africa. Business specifics – supplier market. Better bargaining position was not the broker, who discovered the client, but the one who was able to secure the plane. Especially because the airline companies have been reluctant to take such a risky flight.

As they say, the identification of the problem is half the solution. Situation extraordinary fact that the supplier’s market is more important to have a reliable and efficient supplier, or discover a new customer. To stand out from other brokers, the market had to offer other planes (larger and more efficient than the Yak-42 and TU-154), however it would have been difficult to implement. Working with the same airline companies as our competitors simply were not able to gain any significant competitive advantage. Everything is possible to create added value meant nothing if not capable of ensuring that the right time flown two airplanes and collected nearly 400 passengers from several airports in different countries.

Therefore, all efforts aimed at the search for new customers and offer exclusive formation. We carried out a specific market investigation suppliers: We’ve found all the airlines of the post-Soviet countries, which had a license to fly into EU territory, have received their aircraft fleet data, we found flights seasonality and the possible “window”, identified decision-makers and have been negotiating with them.

Established long-term cooperative relationship with one of the largest Ukrainian airline. This allowed charter flights to reduce the cost of an average of about 10% – about the cost to competitors. Of course, with this exclusive offer and we attracted new customers. Organized by the number of charter flights increased significantly, while profitability rose almost doubled.

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